What do We Offer?

Market America/SHOP.COM is one of the top comparison shopping experiences available in the world. With more than 4,000 major retailers and over 40,000,000 products and services, there is something for everyone — from paper clips and paper towels to major appliances, computers, electronics and everything in between.

Our partners are some of the most famous brands and stores in the world—such as:  Nordstrom, Walmart, Sears, Macy’s, JC Penney, Kmart, Target, Best Buy, Nike, Rubbermaid, Toys R Us, Old Navy, Home Depot, and thousands more!

For Your 501c Organization:

  • Anytime someone buys anything you earn Royalties (paid weekly and monthly)
    • Depending on volume and products, you can earn upwards of $187,000/yr.+
    • This is a FREE service, there are no setup fees, no minimums, no fees of any kind to your organization.
  • How Does the NPO Program Work? (Click on link)

For the Supporters of your Non-Profit Organization: