For Your NPO Supporters

For your supporters, how can they help your NPO?

  • They become a Preferred Customer of your NPO FREE — They just register at your NPO’s website and start earning CA$HBACK, up to 50% on their purchases of things from sites where they already shop.
  • They download the SHOP BUDDY from your website FREE, and afterward shop online as they always do. They don’t have to go back to SHOP.COM unless they want to use some of their cool features.  If the store is one of our partner stores, they will be alerted to earn CA$HBACK from the purchase simply by clicking the mouse on the EARN CA$HBACK button.
  • They can earn referral CA$HBACK – They have family and friends scattered all over the world. As they become familiar with the shopping program, get great deals, accumulate CA$HBACK and start to enjoy the many benefits of comparison shopping, they will naturally want to tell their friends and neighbors how they too can get CA$HBACK. Market AMerica/SHOP.COM will pay them 1/2% on all purchases by the ones they refer.
  • They will take the Home Advisor Survey on your NPO’s website,  and learn to save money with the products they buy on a monthly basis.
  • They will participate in your NPO’s Local Fundraiser events (Please click HERE to see some of the suggestions we have).
  • They will learn about what NEW high quality product lines are available for them to use. (Click HERE to view)
  • Are they an entrepreneur? We know you would agree that we are always looking out for your supporter’s best interests. They might like to give back more to the community while simultaneously improving their financial situation. Here is an opportunity for them to partner up with your NPO by starting their own business to earn extra income and support your NPO at the same time. We can schedule an appointment to them more information.