Your Next Step

Get Started Now on Your Non-Profit Organization Fundraising!

  • Talk to the SHOP.COM Consultant who shared this information with you and enroll in the Non-Profit Organization Program.
  • Share the news! Promote your non-profit organization’s new website to your supporters.
  • Your Shop Consultant can assist you with effective ideas.
  • You need to find a campaign manager within the organization to help promote the products and site. This might be a promoter or someone with a big mouth. Once again, ask your Shop consultant for assistance. The Shop consultant might just be that person.
  • Encourage your supporters to invite their friends, family and acquaintances to shop on your website so they can earn 0.5 percent CA$HBACK on referrals’ purchases.
  • As everyone shops online, qualified purchases through your website generate weekly and monthly royalties for your non-profit organization!
  • Click HERE for other awesome fundraising ideas!

Congratulations on taking the first step in your Non-Profit Organization program!